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Group Events

We welcome large groups to the campground. The pavilions are set to accommodate up to 250 folks. There are six pavilions, five of which have electricity. Water is in the immediate area. There is also a parking lot and nice tent sites on the creek. Group cook-outs are welcome in any of the pavilions. We have several off-road groups that come every year and we have established a new shower house to accommodate these folks.

The pavilion shower house has four showers on the men’s side and two on the women’s. There are four porta-johns in this area and more can be added with very large groups. With groups of fifty or less, there is ample room to park vehicles inside the pavilion area. We have additional parking for trailers and other vehicles outside the pavilions.

A second area that is set for large groups is the tent area. We have a large parking area for vehicles, along with ten tent sites. This area is close to the main campground sites, so those with RV’s can camp nearby. There are two porta-johns here and the main shower house is within easy walking distance.

We have eight rental units inside the campground, consisting of cabins and campers. These are rented by group members that do not like tent camping. Several are close to the pavilion and tent areas.

We have a nominal fee per night per person for these tent areas along with a clean-up deposit. We do like to have a minimum of forty folks when the pavilion area is chosen. The minimum number is for the extra facilities that we have open for this area.